Terms & Conditions

JVP Melbourne clothing are all hand cut and sewn, made in Australia. 

Designs come in Limited quantities for public release worldwide.

Due to the limited nature of the tee designs and the high demand among the street fashion culture and in various entertainment circles, we have a "No Return" policy so please choose your sizing appropriately to the specifications and measurements we have posted. 

Sizes are a regular fit to their natural size, e.g If you usually wear Medium size you should choose M. The "Oversize" guide in brackets is used to determine if somebody would want the t-shirt to fit loose or baggy on themselves for an oversize fit, they should select this, e.g. someone who wants a loose fit and usually wears Medium should select (Oversize Medium). 

Due to overseas orders and company being based in Melbourne, Australia, Orders may take 5-24 days to arrive at your destination. 

We do NOT provide tracking numbers for orders because not all countries have a trackable service from Australia Post. We may look up the tracking number if it becomes absolutely necessary to query an order from our records. 

JVP garments are very delicate and need to be washed and dealt with carefully.
For best results, hand wash garments inside-out separately in a bucket with standard detergant, and linen dry. Washing items with other garments of heavier fabric or not treating items carefully in ones wardrobe may result in friction and may develop furry characteristics on the delicate material. 

If you have any inquiries feel free to contact us using the contact form page. All designs are protected by Copyright © 2012 by JVP Melbourne.